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Towards a sustainable food system: the EU’s role in the global transition

Working independently of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism, a high-level expert panel of the UN’s Committee on Food Security has recently delivered evidence-based policy advice on how to transition to a more sustainable food system, and thus work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Although the SAM focuses on the EU and the UN covers the whole globe, the conclusions reached and the recommendations provided are unequivocal: a transformation of our food system is necessary, and there is a broad scientific consensus on how to achieve this.

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Food policy at a time of crisis: What should the future look like?

The global crisis of 2020 has made every one of us aware that ‘business as usual’ is not an option for future food policy. How have we arrived at where we are now, in terms of the food we eat, where we source it and the impact it has on our planet? What should a transformed future look like? What actions can we all take, collectively and individually, to bring about a sustainable and fair food system that is better for our health, the environment, society and the economy?

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The EU’s Farm2Fork strategy

The Farm2Fork Strategy aims to promote sustainable food systems by setting concrete targets and establishing an Action plan, annexed to the F2F Strategy. This creates the framework for a real debate on the future of food systems, leading to a legislative proposal for sustainable food systems by 2023.

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