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As part of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism, we deliver high-quality scientific evidence to inform the recommendations of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors. This page lists the topics on which the Scientific Advice Mechanism has delivered advice.

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Towards sustainable food consumption

June 2023

For Europe to achieve its health and sustainability goals, the way we produce and consume food has to change.

Strategic crisis management in the EU

November 2022

Improving crisis management has become an essential issue for protecting and enhancing present and future wellbeing in the EU and globally.

Cancer screening

March 2022

How can cancer screening programmes be improved throughout the EU?

A systemic approach to the energy transition in Europe

June 2021

There are many possible pathways towards a carbon-neutral future. Achieving it by 2050 is possible, but this requires urgent action.

Biodegradability of plastics in the open environment

December 2020

Each year, more and more plastic ends up in the natural environment, raising concerns of risk to the environment, animal and human health.
Covid 19 virus

COVID-19, future pandemics and other crises

November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that much of Europe was insufficiently prepared.
Burning forest (CCH)

Adaptation to climate change-related health effects

June 2020

Which adaptation measures could strengthen the resilience of the health sector in Europe in view of climate change?
Cycle and sustainable food

A sustainable food system for the EU

March 2020

How can we ensure future food security without treating people unfairly or leaving them behind?

Making sense of science for policy under conditions of complexity and uncertainty

July 2019

Now more than ever, policymakers need good quality science advice to inform their decisions.
Transforming the future of ageing

Transforming the future of ageing

June 2019

Europe must tackle the challenges presented by ageing in every generation.
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A scientific perspective on microplastics in nature and society

January 2019

Microplastics — tiny particles under 5mm in length — are already present across air, soil and sediment, freshwaters, seas and oceans, plants and animals, and in several components of

Authorisation of plant protection products in Europe

June 2018

Existing European authorisation processes for plant protection products might be improved from a scientific perspective.

Novel carbon capture and utilisation technologies

May 2018

Key technological challenges must be tackled in collecting and purifying CO2 from different sources, in synthesising green-hydrogen, and in converting CO2 to fuels and chemicals.

Food from the oceans

November 2017

In our extraction of food from the oceans, ‘business as usual’ is not sustainable from social, economic and environmental viewpoints.

Forthcoming topics


Solar radiation modification

Solar radiation modification is a deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system, with the aim of reducing global warming.

Artificial intelligence in science

Some of the most complex scientific problems can be tackled with AI, accelerating scientific discoveries and bringing greater societal benefits more quickly.