New topic: Making Sense of Science under conditions of complexity and uncertainty

The European Commission Group of Chief Scientific Advisors adopted this topic to address policy makers using scientific advice within the European Commission.

SAPEA experts from across Europe will contribute their knowledge and expertise in this topic to produce an Evidence Review Report. The scientific opinion is expected to be delivered by June 2019. It will be primarily addressed to policy makers making use of scientific advice across the European Commission, and will be of relevance to the governance of scientific advice in the Commission.

Download the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors Scoping Paper.

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Evidence-informed policy: a Norwegian perspective

A seminar assessing the findings of the SAPEA report ‘Making sense of science for policy’ was hosted by Academia Europaea Bergen Hub in collaboration with the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. The seminar, held on 4 November in Oslo, reflected on what insights of the report might be applied to the science advice process in Norway. The event was designed around two linked sessions, one focused on the European dimension of evidence-informed policy and the second examining Norwegian policymaking.

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