Digital media in crisis situations

What has been the role of the media, including social media and local news, on our public debate, attitudes and behaviour during this current pandemic? As we emerge from this crisis, could we rethink the role that media and digital platforms play in facilitating the flow of information and dialogue between experts, policymakers and the public, particularly in emergency situations?

The coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate our news and media, as governments around the world grapple with the crisis and its effects. Science advisors have gained high public profiles, with frequent media appearances that emphasise that government policy is ‘science-led’. At the same time, the pandemic has coincided with a climate of populism, ‘post-truth’ and ‘fake news’, made easier by social media and other digital platforms that can spread misinformation, uncertainty and fear. As a global programme of vaccination gets into full swing, the anti-vax movement is active.

The event is open to all across the world and free to attend. You, the audience, will be able to interact with the panellists through Q&A.

This event is a partnership between Academia Europaea, University of Bremen, Cardiff University and SAPEA, in support of the Welsh Government’s Wales in Germany 2021 initiative.


Chair: Professor Ole Petersen, Vice-President, Academia Europaea

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Andreas Hepp

Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

Ortwin Renn

Nicholas Clifton