SAPEA is part of the Scientific Advice Mechanism.

Together with the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors, we provide independent scientific advice to European Commissioners to support their decision-making.

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24 November 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, the war in Ukraine, refugee crises, inflation... these crises and more have recently dominated headlines. They cross national borders and sectors, and are complex and long-term in nature. Evidence shows that the cascading and rippling effects of crises extend to all parts of our society and the natural environment.  

29 September 2022

In the context of the EU Mission on Cancer and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) recently produced key recommendations on cancer screening. This scientific opinion, supported by strong and independent scientific evidence, informs the revision of the Council recommendations on cancer screening. At the light of these renewed cancer screening guidelines, what will be the scientific developments to consider and new research to be started? This will be the focus of the debate.

16 July 2022

In the autumn of 2022, the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) will publish a major piece of advice on strategic crisis management for the EU. Based on a broad and multidisciplinary understanding, the work will inform policymakers on how the EU can improve its strategic crisis management. This builds on previous work during the COVID-19 crisis on how to improve pandemic preparedness and management in the EU, conducted in partnership with the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies.

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