Climate change and health expert workshop

The event “Climate change and health: A discussion of the latest international and European reports and the implications for Europe” will take place on 7 June in Brussels.

The workshop is organised by FEAM (one of SAPEA networks) and the SAM unit, and a number of SAPEA nominated scientists will be attending.

This invitation-only workshop will review the state of scientific evidence on climate change and health, in particular regarding adaptation measures. The event will provide the basis for a policy-orientated Scientific Opinion on climate change-related health impacts in Europe, that will be developed by the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors and delivered to European Commissioners.


Advice on climate change and health

Today, the European Commission’s independent Group of Chief Scientific Advisors published their opinion Adaptation to climate change-related health effects which contains advice and recommendations on how the EU can help to make our societies, and in particular the health sector, better prepared and more resilient with respect to impacts from climate change on health.

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