How to be ready for wildfires? Professor Thomas Elmqvist

An interview with Thomas Elmqvist, Professor of Stockholm University, Stockholm Resilience Centre and one of the world’s most cited scientists. Professor Elmqvist is a part of the group of scientists from SAPEA that advised the European Commission on crisis management last year. Their report “Strategic crisis management in the EU” informed policy recommendations by the … Read more

Consumers shouldn’t be the only ones responsible for the shift to sustainable food consumption, say Europe’s science advisors

A group of top scientists from across Europe have advised the European Commission on how to transform European food consumption to become healthier and more sustainable. The advice comes in response to a request from the College of Commissioners to the Scientific Advice Mechanism to inform the revision of the Farm to Fork strategy. The … Read more

Interview with the president of YASAS, professor Moniek Tromp

YASAS is SAPEA’s youngest network, in both of its meanings, can you tell us something about the creation of YASAS?   The European Network of Young Academies(ENYA) has been, and still is, an informal forum for Young Academy Members, to share experiences and best practices, as well as discuss joint initiatives. There has been a longstanding … Read more

Europe needs better, more strategic crisis management, according to independent scientific and ethics advisors

The European Union is dealing with an increasing number of complex, overlapping cross-border crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to the scientific and ethical recommendations given to the Commission in Strasbourg, the Union has to improve how it prepares for and responds to crises. An evidence review … Read more