Ottmar Edenhofer on giving climate advice in Europe

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Stella Ladi on science advice in Greece

Greece does not have a long tradition of institutionalised science advisory mechanisms, but after dealing relatively well with Covid, the situation is starting to change. Professor Stella Ladi, an expert on evidence-informed policymaking at home and internationally, talks to Toby Wardman about the past, present and future of science advice in Greece.

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Hugh Pope on experts in sortition-based democracies

Elections are not the only way to power democratic decision-making. A system of government by random selection of citizens, or ‘sortition’, has been around since at least ancient Athens and, as Hugh Pope explains, has never quite disappeared. But if we adopt such a radically different way of making policy, what are the implications of science for policy? Do experts take on different roles, and how can citizen-politicians acquire the skills they need to make judgement calls on scientifically complex issues?

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