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SAPEA is part of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism.

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Forthcoming events

GLOBE EU Wakeup Call #14 with Prof Thomas Elmqvist
Life Cycle Management conference
Science-driven solutions for sustainable food
Euro-CASE Annual Conference Madrid
The Political Economy of Meat System Transformation
Science for Policy in Europe Conference: Building better science for policy ecosystems
The keys to high-quality science advice
Who decides what you eat? The power of food environments on consumer diets
EIT FOOD Annual event
Scientific symposium ‘Crises and the Importance of Research: How Prepared Can We Be?
Are we ready for the next cross-border health crisis?
Webinar: Be prepared - Can we forecast the next crisis and be ready to manage it?
Time to screen! Implementing new EU screening recommendations
Second Conference on the Ukraine crisis: One Year of War in Ukraine, Exploring the Impact on the Science Sector and Supporting Initiatives
Library Talk: Improving crisis management in the EU: a discussion with the Commission’s science and ethics advisors
Why do we need public trust in times of crisis?
European Parliament: STOA Panel for the Future of Science and Technology
Putting people first
Entangled crises: how can the EU help?
Handover of advice on crisis management
Northern European Emergency and Disaster Studies Conference
COP27 - All things considered: the role of expert advice in climate-related crises
Integrating research for new cancer screening programmes
Apocalypse Tomorrow: What Should Scientists Do to Prepare for the Next Major Crisis?
Conference on Improving Cancer Screening in the European Union
Ciência 2022 (Science 2022)
7th Congress of Preventive Medicine
Science advice at times of crisis: what roles for universities and academies?
Webinar on Energy efficiency: A science advice perspective
Conference: Science advice under pressure
Euro-CASE Annual Conference "Building back better"
The climate and energy transition in the age of transformation
Time travel and climate: changing the past to fix the future
Science advice for a clean and fair energy transition: a challenge and a call for action
Transitioning to new energy systems: What impact will it have on society and on our lives?
Science advice for energy policy: Who's afraid of epistemic diversity?
Energy transition and the EU hydrogen strategy
Communicating microplastics risk: Balancing sensation and reflection
Plastic pollution: Are biodegradable plastics a solution?
Biodegradable plastics: how do we engage with consumers and society?
Research integrity
Digital media in crisis situations
Alternative proteins, consumers and sustainability in Europe: Where next?
Taking action on plastics pollution: are biodegradable plastics the answer?
Climate change and health
The special role of chefs in a sustainable food system
Everything you wanted to ask about science advice #AskRolf
Towards a sustainable food system: the EU's role in the global transition
Food policy at a time of crisis: What should the future look like?
Science advice: what works in a crisis?
The EU's Farm2Fork strategy
Policy implications of Transforming the Future of Ageing
Covid-19 and our food: How is the current crisis affecting how we eat?
Erasmus Maris days
Making Sense of Science at the Royal Irish Academy
Making Sense Of Science For Policy: A Lively Panel Discussion At The University Of Cambridge
SAPEA microplastics event in Finland
The future of science advice in Europe
Evidence-informed policy: a Norwegian perspective
Ageing: from Basic Science to Policy Advice
The science of microplastics in the world ocean
A scientific perspective on microplastics in nature and society in Slovenia
Ageing report to be discussed in Madrid
European Research & Innovation Days
Roundtable discussion on Making Sense of Science
Shaping Horizons
Transforming the Future of Ageing – SAPEA event in Israel
Transforming the Future of Ageing – SAPEA event in France
Transforming the Future of Ageing – SAPEA event in Romania
EurOCEAN 2019 Conference
Albanian forum on microplastics
UN World Oceans Day
Transforming the Future of Ageing – SAPEA event in Portugal
European Maritime Day
Microplastics debate ‘shows how the public can drive scientific conversations’
ALLEA General Assembly
Food from the Oceans, a look into our future
SAPEA at Cardiff Science Festival
INGSA 2018: Science Advice for a Changing World
Annual Conference International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
G7 Scientific Advice Cooperation on Microplastics Pollution Roundtable
SAPEA at Science For Policy expert debate
Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) event at ESOF in Toulouse, France - 11 July 2018
Citizens and science advice event at ESOF in Toulouse, France
Food from the Oceans event in Lisbon, Portugal
SAPEA conference: Shaping European Science Advice: Insights and Experiences, Sofia, Bulgaria
Conference on Carbon Capture and Utilisation Technologies in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Novel carbon capture and utilisation technologies event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Royal Irish Academy Breakfast Briefing on Food from the Oceans
Blue innovation: Oceans to feed the planet
Crossing boundaries: new approaches to science for policy in Europe
Food From the Oceans event in Hamburg, Germany
Food from the Oceans at Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival
Food from the Oceans in Bergen, Norway

Press Releases

SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) has published its third Evidence Review Report titled Improving authorisation processes for plant protection products in Europe: a scientific perspective on the assessment of potential risks to human health. The report examines the methods and procedures for assessing potential harmful effects on human health from the use of Plant Protection Products (PPPs), and the ways in which the current authorisation processes could be improved from a scientific perspective.