Why do we need public trust in times of crisis?

This event will particularly look into issues of trust between citizens and public institutions. It will discuss why trust in turbulent times of crisis is such an essential principle, how to build it and when, who we trust and why, and who we should trust. It will explore how social sciences, local-embedded knowledge and communities’ perspectives are brought in advising into strategic crisis management.  

In recent years, we have been living in an almost permanent state of crisis, and it has had a profound impact on European societies. Modern crises cross borders and sectors, and have cascading and overlapping effects on populations, economies and environments.  

Evidence shows that trust is an important factor in crisis management. It increases citizen cooperation with government regulations and recommendations and encourages citizens to use more prosocial options in social dilemmas. 

Three recently published reports will give the impulse to this conversation:  

This session is free and open to all but particularly suited for Irish and European policy makers, academics working on trust and crisis management and civil society representatives active in crisis management and prevention. This session is also going to be streamed online in case you can’t join the conference in person. 

The session will be followed with a networking reception. 

This session is co-organised by the Royal Irish Academy  and is a part of the PERITIA final academic conference “Rethinking Policy, Expertise and Trust”. PERITIA is an EU-funded project investigating public trust in expertise. 

Our session is just a part of a big conference, so when registering you can choose to attend only this session or the entire conference as well. If you are interested, register now!


Prof. Dominika Latusek-Jurczak, SAPEA working group 

Prof. Alberto Melloni, Chief Scientific Advisor to the European Commission  

Prof. Pete Lunn, Economic and Social Research Institute, Ireland  

Denis Naughten TD, Galway/Roscommon


Alison O’Connor – Journalist and broadcaster

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