Climate change and health

In June 2020 the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors published a Scientific Opinion entitled ‘Adaptation to health effects of climate change in Europe’. This informed the implementation of the European Green Deal and highlights that climate change has consequences for human health. In particular, scientific evidence shows that the increase in heatwaves, infectious and vector borne diseases and extreme events like fires and floods are all having a detrimental effect on human health and need to be addressed urgently.

This SAPEA webinar set the scene by focusing on climate action for health, before looking at how we can use scientific evidence to integrate climate change and health into policy development across sectors. The key recommendations from the Opinion were also discussed, along with the EU Adaptation Strategy and European Climate and Health Observatory.


  • Welcome: Michael Creek (stickydot)
  • Using scientific evidence to integrate climate change and health solutions into policy development across sectors: Dr Robin Fears (Biosciences Programme Director, EASAC)
  • Climate action for health: Sir Andy Haines (Professor of Environmental Change and Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
  • Recommendations from the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors Professor Carina Keskitalo (Member of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors and Professor of Political Science, Umeå University)
  • Coming soon: EU Adaptation Strategy & European Climate and Health Observatory Peter Löffler (Policy Officer at DG CLIMA)
  • Panel discussion with audience questions moderated by Michael Creek (stickydot)
  • Closing remarks: Professor George Griffin


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Robin Fears

Andy Haines

Carina Keskitalo

Peter Löffler

George Griffin