Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) event at ESOF in Toulouse, France – 11 July 2018

As part of the Euro Science Open Forum 2018, the Scientific Advice Mechanism presented its newly published Evidence Review Report and Scientific Opinion. This session has been jointly organised by SAPEA and the SAM unit on 11 July as part of the Science Programme.

Carbon is a vital element at the basis of our life on Earth. Yet carbon dioxide produced by human activities is one of the main Green-House Gases (GHG) responsible for climate change. Managing CO2 in our atmosphere is one of the greatest social, economical and political challenges of our time.

In this session speakers including Maria Da Graça Carvalho (European Commission), Antonella Di Trapani (Euro-CASE), Elvira Fortunato (European Commission Group of Chief Scientific Advisors),  Tomas Matraia (Moderator, The Adwisers), David Nevicato (Total) and Robert Schloegl (SAPEA Working Group chair for the CCU) discussed how businesses are addressing climate change, in relation to CCU (carbon capture and utilisation), and how EU climate change strategy affects business practices. The session presented the climate change mitigation potential and economic viability of CCU technologies, how these findings will inform future EU policy decisions in this field, but also the challenges.


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Maria Da Graça Carvalho

Antonella Di Trapani 

Elvira Fortunato 

Tomas Matraia 

David Nevicato 

Robert Schloegl