Policy implications of Transforming the Future of Ageing

For its 2019 report Transforming the future of ageing, SAPEA brought together eminent European scientists to explore and respond to the question “What policies at the EU level could support member states in achieving inclusive, fair and sustainable systems of health and social care to promote the taking-up of innovation for ageing societies?”.

This webinar is organised by SAPEA, FEAM and the Royal Irish Academy. It will consider the policy implications of the report and possible next steps.


  • 12:00 Dr Mary Canning, president of the Royal Irish Academy: Welcome
  • 12:02 Professor George Griffin, president of FEAM: Introduction to SAPEA and FEAM
  • 12:07 Professor Rose Anne Kenny and Professor Richard Reilly, SAPEA working group members: How Ireland and Europe can transform the future of ageing to ensure a better society for all
  • 12:40 Professor Pearl Dykstra, deputy chair of the European Commission’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors: Key points from the SAPEA report advocated to the European Commission
  • 12:55 Mairead McGuinness MEP, first vice-president of the European Parliament: The European Parliament’s perspective on ageing and the SAPEA report
  • 13:00 Panel discussion: Ireland’s response
  • 13:20 Professor George Griffin, President of FEAM: Conclusions and Next steps


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Mary Canning

George Griffin

Rose Anne Kenny

Richard Reilly

Pearl Dykstra

Mairead McGuinness MEP