Two new reports on vaccination

Vaccination has long been considered one of the most important medical achievements of the 20th Century for the primary prevention of communicable diseases. However, in recent years vaccination has become a hot topic in public discussions and faces major challenges.

Two recently published reports summarise discussions held at workshops organised by FEAM, in cooperation with EASAC and other biomedical partners.

Vaccination challenges and EU cooperation: what is the way forward?” focuses on improving public dialogue on vaccination, analyses the policy interventions and outlines the medical actions to be taken by European and national authorities to ensure the correct functioning of the vaccination programmes.

Vaccination: Scientific and social perspectives” identifies the scientific aspects relevant to future vaccine development and policies, analyses key challenges, and suggested how to address them.


Health Inequalities – summary report published

The ALLEA/FEAM/KNAW Symposium ‘An interdisciplinary exploration of socioeconomic position, health and causality’ took place on 24 May 2018. The event brought together key opinion leaders from various scientific backgrounds for an interdisciplinary discussion and resulted in a recently published report.

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