Citizens and science advice event at ESOF in Toulouse, France

As part of the Euro Science Open Forum 2018, this session will explore ways of engaging citizens at different stages during the development of science advice, in particular on questions which are of direct concern to civil society (such as climate change, health and environment-related issues, digital rights and cyber security). This session has been jointly organised by SAPEA and the SAM unit and takes place at 10.15-11.30 on Wednesday 11 July as part of the Science Programme.

Food from the Oceans event in Lisbon, Portugal

The Lisbon Academy of Sciences are organising an event to discuss the food from the oceans on Wednesday 23 May at 3pm. With presentations and audience discussion, the event will explore the SAPEA Food from the Oceans Evidence Review Report and the European Commission Group of Chief Scientific Advisors Opinion, which were both published in November … Read more

SAPEA conference: Shaping European Science Advice: Insights and Experiences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Organised by SAPEA, within the context of the All European Academies (ALLEA) General Assembly 2018, this symposium titled ‘Shaping European Science Advice: Insights and Experiences’ will bring together an audience of policy makers, academics, members of the public and representatives from science academies across Europe. Speakers from all over Europe and beyond will explore science advice for policy, and how we can learn from experience to shape the future of policy advice.

Novel carbon capture and utilisation technologies event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In this public symposium, speakers will discuss the (im)possibilities and opportunities offered by CO 2 reuse. This collaborative event between the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI) and SAPEA takes place at the public library of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The main language of the event will be Dutch.

Royal Irish Academy Breakfast Briefing on Food from the Oceans

The Royal Irish Academy will be hosting a Breakfast Briefing on the topic of Food from the Oceans. it will highlight some of the important points from the Scientific Advice Mechanism’s work on Food from the Oceans that are of particular interest to Ireland.

Blue innovation: Oceans to feed the planet

SAPEA Food from the Oceans Working Group Chair Professor Poul Holm and SAM High Level Group Deputy Chair Professor Pearl Dykstra presented on the Food from the Oceans Evidence Review Report and SAM HLG Opinion at a Science Business event titled: Blue innovation: Oceans to feed the planet. 

Crossing boundaries: new approaches to science for policy in Europe

This one-day SAPEA conference explored new approaches to science for policy from a variety of stakeholder perspectives. The conference was hosted by the Estonian Academy of Sciences in Tallinn.  It was closely linked to the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research’s conference week European research excellence: value and impact for society

Food From the Oceans event in Hamburg, Germany

The world’s oceans remain the largest food source on our planet and more than one billion people depend on them for sustenance and business alike. Germany is no different in that respect, its fisheries are a modern high-tech industry and they provide a significant amount of employment opportunities to the people of northern Germany. However, … Read more

Food from the Oceans at Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival

Visitors to the Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival explored Food from the Oceans from 14 -16 July with talks, exhibitions and food tastings. Celebrating Hordaland, Norway, which has been twinned with Cardiff since 1996, a Norwegian food stand offered new types of food from the sea and provided information about SAPEA’s work on this topic as … Read more

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