Lieve Van Woensel on foresight

Foresight methodology helps science advisors check their blindspots, recognise their biases, and figure out the second- and third-order ripple effects of even the most innocuous of policy interventions. And Dr Lieve Van Woensel of the European Parliament, who talks to SAPEA’s Toby Wardman in this episode, quite literally wrote the book on foresight. Resources mentioned … Read more

Scott Bremer on supply, demand and integrated science advice

Scott Bremer

Dr Scott Bremer brings Toby Wardman up to speed on topics such as the inadequacy of the supply/demand dichotomy, the challenges of fitting the square peg of science into the round holes of real-world policy decisions, the relationship between scientific knowledge and other forms of knowing, and why he moonlights as a gardening therapist by the Norwegian fjords.

Zeynep Pamuk on science courts

Zeynep Pamuk

Could the implications of science advice, and the policies that follow from it, be decided by a citizen jury following a courtroom battle between scientific adversaries?

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